Wednesday, June 8, 2016

CCDD 060816—Midnight Stroll

Cool Card Design of the Day
6/8/2016 - A black Fog + Bloodshed Fever.


  1. Neat! Flavorful and a mechanic I haven't seen before. Well, an innovative combination of two known mechanics, at least.

  2. Yeah, V nice. it's a bit like a cut down version of "you choose which creatures attack" but a lot simpler and easier to understand. I could easily imagine more cards with that ability. It does seem to fit in black, even though the parts are RW.

  3. Is it easier for this to be a Sorcery that references "next turn" or an instant that references "this turn"? I'm inclined towards the latter.

    Nice design! Could easily be a number of colors.

  4. I like it. Neat inversion of exalted/AVR's "loner" mechanic.

    1. Your comment made me excited to explore loner as opposing condition, but the first card that came to mind was

      "Destroy target creature if it's 'alone.'"

      Womp womp.

    2. But there are designs down this path. The gameplay of keeping your opponent on exactly one creature could be fun for the removal color.

      "Put a 2/2 Zombie OTB. For each opponent that controls exactly one creature, put another Zombie OTB."

      "Target player discards a card. If he or she controls exactly one creature, that discard is random."

      "Destroy target creature. Then, if it's controller controls exactly one creature, draw a card and laugh maniacally."

    3. I like the flavour of "alone", how it feels connected even if some cards are "you have a single creature" and some are "oppo has single creature" and others are "creature must X alone"

    4. Not a NWO friendly card in the slightest, but this came to mind:

      Cycle of Solitude 3BB
      Each player who controls more than one creature sacrifices a creature. If any player controls more than one creature, repeat this process.

      (Why isn't this like Cataclysm? So the opponent last in turn order doesn't get all the information at once when trying to choose what to save. Also, because it draws out the process of making your opponents squirm.)