Friday, October 5, 2018

CCDD 100518—Unravel the Guildpact

Cool Card Design of the Day

I was thinking about the last two Weekend Design Challenges; both the one two weeks ago where I asked for Bolas's plans and the psychographic design challenge from Inanimate. 

I consider myself a Johnny/Spike, so I was thinking about making a big Timmy spell, but got stuck. I never got around to doing the Bolas challenge for myself either, so I decided to smoosh the two together. This is what I came up with.


  1. It makes me sad that White is left out of a combat-step-control card, but as long as this doesn't shift precedent, this is flavorful, splashy, and fun! Seems to fit Bolas & "all against all" pretty well. Should this spell exile itself just to be safe?

    Silly idea:

    Until your next turn, you control target player during each combat step.
    Overload 7UBR

    1. I approve of this silly idea.

      Given that Master Warcraft is a 4cmc hybrid card, the base cost could even be knocked down some.

      Using an Izzet keyword also provides an excuse for the card to be blue and red.

    2. Here's a further pitch, making less of a color statement, the whole thing a little cheaper, and making the bolas element more subtextual.

      Unravel the Guildpact WUBRG
      Until your next turn, you control target player during each combat step. Exile ~.
      Overload 5UBR

  2. If this were Eternal, I'd only let you see the cards other players can actually cast during combat, but close enough.

    1. players will tap all of their lands before each combat step anyway. Can it say something like "until your next turn, you decide how creatures attack and block and opponents can't cast spells during or after each turn's combat step"? I really don't like control player effects.

  3. Given that it's in blue, I think the card should exile itself after successfully cast. Or does that ruin the fun?

  4. Very odd. I sort of get why it's Grixis, but deciding combat steps has always been white, so this doesn't sit right with me. In addition, it's very lackluster from a power-level perspective. Why do I need two extra colors and only get to control combat steps, as compared to Worst Fears? I might be more excited about this if I played a lot of multiplayer, but I'm not excited about this in any other context.