Thursday, October 18, 2018

CCDD 101818—Rogue Tutor, Steal & Premature Autopsy

Cool Card Design of the Day
A few weeks back, Beacon of Creation proposed the challenge: Design a black draw spell that doesn't cost you life or creatures. Nice. I was late to submit, but here are some thoughts.

Demonic Tutor is a draw spell. It lets you draw any one card. Given that classification, any worse tutor is also a draw spell. Rogue Tutor follows the style of Spoils of the Vault. Instead of naming a card and revealing endlessly, you just decide how much deck you're willing to pay to increase your card selection. I like that angle. Looking at this today, I think this could cost {2}{B} or even {B}{B}, or cost {2}{B}{B} or {3}{B}{B} and get two cards. (The only reason I put a cap on the number you choose is Laboratory Maniac.)
Black isn't big on personal responsibility. The easiest way to avoid paying a cost is to force someone else to. Premature Autopsy looks even more right when you replace the lose-life language with the new only-damage trend.
Steal lets you Diabolic Tutor an opponent's deck. Alternately, it's a Bribery where you don't get the target for free. I chose to make you name a card first so that you don't just automatically get their best card; If you think they've got an Emrakul, you have to name it, and if you're wrong you miss out; you have to calculate the risk.


  1. Premature Autopsy is a cool card, and I could see it being a role-player in a grindier Limited format.

  2. Is self library exile a good enough drawback to make black spells with it?

    Vile Education BB


    Exile the top 10 cards of your library face down.

    Draw 2 cards.

  3. It occurs to me that Rogue Tutor is very similar to the draw-one-of-the-top-n-cards-of-your-deck cards from Eternal.