Monday, October 29, 2018

CCDD 102918—Promise Safety

Cool Card Design of the Day
Fatal Blow / Crushing Pain effects are hard to do well, because they're removal spells that don't work on their own. Anything really worth casting a spell to kill that isn't already trumped by one of your creatures is probably killing the blocker you use to prime your spell, so you're often 2:1'ing yourself. If black-red had more 1/4s, that might help.

Anyhow, I found a really nice way to even out the card EV here.

I feel strongly this is a printable Control Magic because it's conditional on you doing something and requires multiple colors (could just be UB or UR). It's fun because instead of making your play feel inadequate, it makes targeting a creature bigger than yours feel optimal.


  1. It feels very flavorfully Nicol Bolas. "I'll stop hurting you if you'll just do as I tell you."

    It think it could just be two colors as a sorcery. Maybe three colors should be an instant (perhaps with another colorless or two in the casting cost).

    1. I like +mana and instant. Makes it much better in multiplayer too, instead of having to set it up with build-around-me shenanigans.

    2. +1 for instant. It doesn't add as much complexity as usual since it's normally only relevant after combat, and I'd rather encourage blocking than discourage it.