Tuesday, October 30, 2018

CCDD 103018—Land of Memories

Cool Card Design of the Day
Lands that sacrifice to do something are of great utility, cycling from play when you no longer need so much mana, and providing something of use. They also tend to be a touch dangerous or wicked expensive. This one's free, limited in power, but still useful.

Counters on lands are pretty egregious, but aside from that, I love how this just asks you to play normally and rewards you with a free spell once you've used it enough.

It's funny: A digital game like Eternal could track this card's charges easily, but since it also hides power cards and doesn't track which is being used each turn, Eternal would actually be a worse place for Land of Memories.


  1. Instead of putting the ability on the mana tap, it probably should just be an upkeep trigger. That would make it cleaner to use in digital without much change in paper, floating colorless during an end step just to get a counter seems buggy.

    I could definitely see this as some kind of spell land cycle. Wish it had some kind of way to indicate it's a UR land though. Maybe the second ability could also cost U/R to use without reducing the power level too much?

  2. I'm not a big fan of tying the counter to the mana ability. It will lead to some circumstances where the land is tapped to get the counter with no intention of using the mana.
    I know mana burn hasn't existed in a decade now, but it still feels wrong.

    1. What if you had to use the mana to cast a sorcery or instant in order to get the counter?

    2. Yeah, I like that solution. When that mana is spent to cast an instant or sorcery spell this turn, put a counter. I have no idea if that works within the rules but I think it would work thematically and mechanically.