Tuesday, October 23, 2018

CCDD 102318—Gaea's Benediction

Cool Card Design of the Day
I found this Gaea's Blessing variant while ideating on a Beacon of Creation challenge. It didn't end up fulfilling the challenge, but it's interesting enough to share.

After replacing 'graveyard' with 'exile,' I only tweaked it to instant speed and +1 cost. It wanted to cost more because retrieving exiled cards should be harder. That said, since it's just shuffling them into your library and not getting them back directly, it's still not a very impactful event on its own; Making it an instant lets you play it on your opponent's end step when you didn't need the mana elsewhere.

This won't save you from being decked like the original will, but I feel pretty confident either the first or last ability will prove relevant somewhere.


  1. The last ability gives you endless cards for Arc-Slogger I'm not sure what the best way to get cards in exile for the first ability.

    1. Gross. If you had to cast Gaea's Benediction, I'd be fine with that combo, but merely having one copy in your mono-red deck is unacceptable. Maybe it only shuffles itself back in?

    2. Wait, I think I misunderstood Arc-Slogger's ability. If you need it at least ten cards from the bottom of your library and you still have the chance of drawing this it isn't as good a combo as I first thought. You could self-mill down to a multiple of ten though.