Thursday, July 9, 2020

CCDD 070920 - Frontline Anthem

Here's a weird keyword ability. It goes on any permanent, but preferably non-creatures to avoid timing issues. It's partly upside but mostly downside. It's trying to capture the flavor of borders, conquests, and lines of battle. It's... defensive!

Defensive is a cool idea but on second thought probably not a good one. Evasive creatures are very good against it and playing with it effectively means creating a board stall. I don't even want to think though what it might do at a high as-fan-- maybe an interesting ebb and flow of combat, but more likely just more swinginess. In short, it has all the problems that planeswalkers have as far as interacting with the board, but worse.

Do you think the idea behind defensive can be salvaged? If so, how?

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