Friday, July 3, 2020

Weekend Design Challenge 070320 - Blue Autumn

Happy Friday, Artisans, and Happy 4th to those in the US! Click through to see this weekend's design parameters. With those as your guidelines, design a custom magic card. Over the course of the weekend, give feedback to your fellow designers on their designs, and incorporate their feedback to iterate on your own. If I have time over the course of next week, I will try to offer some of my own feedback.

I did a couple of season-related challenges last year. Let's bring those back. 

For this week, design a mono-Blue card that evokes the season of Autumn. 

Good luck, have fun, and I'll see you all next week.


  1. Back to School 1UU
    Sorcery (Uncommon)
    As an additional cost to cast this spell, tap X untapped creatures you control.
    Draw X cards.

    1. I always love seeing designs where I have to search in disbelief that it hasn't been done yet.

      I have one issue with this card, and that's that it's a perfectly good mono-green card, and card draw design space in green is a little harder to come by than in blue. I could easily see this as a Simic hybrid card also.

    2. You're right, I forgot green got go-wide creature-based card draw e.g. Shamanic Revelation. I was mostly thinking of Keep Watch as a precedent in blue. And Biomantic Mastery is per-creature card draw in Simic hybrid, just like you said!