Wednesday, July 22, 2020

CCDD 072220 - Flamekin Scout

There's nothing too groundbreaking about this design since we already have things like Generator Servant and Neheb, the Eternal, but I liked the idea of a creature that could act as a Pyretic Ritual via a saboteur ability. It's a common, so it doesn't need to do anything too fancy anyway.

This is a rare example of a hard-to-abuse ritual effect. What I especially like is how it creates potential for bluffing-- the opponent might block when they otherwise shouldn't if they think you're setting up a 6-mana play on turn 3.


  1. Have you considered
    Sac ~: add RRR, activate this ability only if ~ dealt combat damage to a player this turn.
    Or something like that? It avoids the delayed trigger and gives you more flexibility while being a bit shorter on words.

    1. Good call! I hadn't realized that the activated ability version would be shorter.