Sunday, July 26, 2020

CCDD 072620 - Confront the Sorcerer

This semi-top-down design was a real pain to template. It ended up as an interesting variant on the "modal spell, but opponent chooses" idea.

The idea is to punish creature-less opponents with a cheaper Naturalize while letting opponents with creatures interact. It's kind of a design trap since it's even less reliably worth a card than Naturalize is, but I liked that it could tell a story by combining two green effects in this way.


  1. Could this work?
    "Choose target creature you control, then destroy target artifact or enchantment. Its controller may prevent this effect by having a creature he or she controls fight the chosen creature."

    1. That's a much more natural wording! Unfortunately I don't think "may prevent this effect" is well-defined in current Magic templating. It reminds me more of Alpha wordings on things like the Circles of Protection.