Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tesla Design Challenge 072716 — Uncommon Ground

Hi everybody! Last week for Tesla, we started working on filling in the commons over at the Multiverse, and we also began testing with all-commons. The all-commons playtest went pretty well - though we definitely lots of room for improvement! As all-commons playtesting has begun (with at least one contender for every slot in the skeleton), it's also time that we started working seriously on the uncommons!

Your design challenge this week, if you choose to accept it:

  • Last week, we discussed worldbuilding and flavor text; that remains a goal for this week. Find cards that have room for flavor text and add it, and try coming up with some more details about Kaladesh outside of Ghirapur. For example, the 'rebel village' hasn't been named yet, even!
  • While we have contenders for every common slot, the more the merrier. If you see a slot that's empty in the skeleton, or simply find 'Contended' next to the slot, then feel free to make a card to fill the needs of the slot! Use the other contenders for the slot for comparison purposes (what CMC and P/T to shoot for, approximately). 
  • Lastly, and the big challenge for this week, is to begin designing uncommons! We need to fill in the uncommons if we want to move on to the real exciting playtests, the commons+uncommons playtests! These ones start feeling much more like a real format, and make for much more exciting games. Uncommons are more flexible; just remember to shoot for each color having a little more than half of its uncommons being creatures, and try not to overlap with CMCs that already have a creature in that color at uncommon.
I look forward to seeing everyone's designs! Have a great week, everyone!

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