Friday, June 12, 2020

CCDD 061220 - One-Eye, the Wanderer

Designing "Norse gods" has been an appealing design goal since we saw Magic take on the Greek pantheon in Theros, even more so since we met the Egyptian gods of Amonkhet. I've seen several neat ideas from other sources but there's still one implementation that appeals the most to me as a mechanical and flavor match.

The idea is to use a persist-like mechanic that reverses the enchantment-to-creature lifecycle from Theros. Unlike the Theros gods and the Amonkhet / Bolas cohort, these gods can be permanently destroyed without "exile" or similar effects, which fits in nicely with the Norse lore.

1 comment:

  1. That first line is so smart! It's so simple that I couldn't believe it worked under the rules at first, but it certainly does

    The scry-on-attack trigger also feels like it would play super fun, especially if the deck was running combat tricks

    I am curious about how much of the appeal, even the flavor, of Gods lies in the fact that they can be costed very aggressively and that their benefit is backloaded and/or contingent on meeting a condition

    Flipping the script really changes how the design feels -- it's more about resilience than power, now, and it doesn't feel nearly as dependent on "the mortal world"