Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gatecrash Art Challenge 10 — Mark Winters

Today we're covering the Mark Winters' art.

B. "Ha ha, got your soul!" This is overpowered. Should be 1BB or rare.

A. She's using his memory to find out where his compatriots hide so she can hunt them down and kill them too. It's rare I design a card that's bad in Limited but good in Constructed.

A. What's the lamest thing that can happen to the creature you just encoded Undercity Plague onto? Death.* You only got one use out of your cipher spell? That's not right! Code Extractor is here to turn your frown upside down. Get your spell back, cast it and encode it again! Uncommon was definitely the right choice for this lady.

*Having your encoded creature Mind Controlled away is worse, but Code Extractor helps there too!

C. Black doesn't get rituals anymore (and this is broken) so Exhume Memory wouldn't actually be printed, but the flavor isn't red and it's a cool effect I wanted to share with you.

B. I like Soulsmoke and I think the effect is very Orzhov. My only complaint is that the art is pretty clearly Dimir.

A. A little too strong, but very Dimir and good flavor.

A. Mental Vapors actually costs 3B and is uncommon, but otherwise this is exactly correct.

B. Full Disclosure meets Mind Freak. Thought Thirst is pretty attractive but definitely shouldn't be common.

A. Yeah, like that.

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  1. Kill in Kind is similar to the real set's Death's Approach, as a removal spell that encourages milling.