Friday, January 18, 2013

Gatecrash Art Challenge 2 — Zoltan Boros (B)

Today we're covering one of Zoltan Boros' two pieces of art work.

In completely arbitrary order:

B. Never let your guard down. Assassinate becomes much better at instant speed (because you can kill an attacker before it hits you or kill a utility tapper at EOT) and seems completely worth 4 mana.

B. Based on Parole by Duncan, Impending Verdict has all the same charms and flaws. I love how the trigger is entirely white and the effect entirely red, yet the result is neither non-red nor non-white, making this an excellent hybrid card. Not sure I get the flavor connection.

B. Just saying what I'm seeing! While red isn't known for defensive magic, this would be solid in a damage race and the random factor can arguably justify any effect (see Wild Swing).

A. A white defensive effect with some red retribution thrown in there. There's an argument Surprise Combustion should just deal a flat 3 damage instead of scaling, but I think this is good at uncommon.

B. I'm not seeing the connection between the name, effect and art, but I do think this rules text is inevitable.

C. If Intimidation Bolt didn't exist, Warning Fire would get at least a B. Love the flavor text, even if I'm not buying that the warning fire is hitting the guy in back.

C. I like the idea of an Enchant Gate, but this repeatable effect looks brutal. Basically: You have to alpha me or lose.


  1. Surprise Combustion looks really fun to play. I like it the most among these cards.

    It just occurred to me, it might be really harsh on Bloodrush decks!

  2. Based on the art, this MUST be a reprint of... Ass Whuppin'!

  3. I don't know how anyone interpreted a spell this spell as white, or even red/white: it (apparently) instantaneously obliterates someone who's simply standing there, which totally isn't white's style. Red or black are obvious fits; given the surprised expressions of the dead person's comrades, I could also see this flavorfully as being a secret killing by the Dimir. But nothing about this image feels defensive/restraining/retaliatory in nature, which is how white removal works.

  4. Well, the art sort of looks like the guys are on the move. Maybe it's a patrol team that's about to leave on a mission. It could reasonably be a spell for responding to an attack.

    The art's colors also blends in well with a White frame. (Although I made it W/R because it looks like the guy got burned to ashes with flame.)

  5. I found it fascinating that some artwork precluded certain colors. Like the merfolk that were clearly not mono-blue.