Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gatecrash Art Challenge 8 — Slavomir Maniak

Today we're covering Slavomir Maniak's art work.

In arbitrary order:

D. I'm not sure Ravnica needs a cheaper, faster Grapeshot. At least Lightning Perspective can't be split up to hit multiple targets. I appreciate the name, because Slavomir's unique use of perspective really stood out to me too.

C. Sure. Upon re-reading my design, I thought it was Arc Trail with more red in the mana cost, but the 1 point can be applied to any number of targets. So Electrification is somewhat more like Pyroclasm. Even so, eh.

C. I like the uniqueness of the effect, but the name hits the wrong element and the card is way too strong. You need to have two untapped creatures you don't mind tapping just to make this is a mere Lightning Bolt! I'd prefer something like:
Wild Arc 2R
~ deals 5 damage to target player. For each creature he or she controls, redirect 1 point of this damage to that creature.

B. Great name! I was about to compare Conduct to Flame Jab, but this plays quite differently. The dream is to cast it with a bunch of lands in hand. Copy it several times and loot those lands into new spells. The nightmare is to cast it with no land in play: you still have to discard a card but you get nothing for it.

Pretty sure Jules made this rare because he understood how swingy it is. Nonetheless, I will offer up a common version:
Conduct R
~ deals 1 damage to target c/p.
You may discard a card. If you do, ~ deals 2 damage to that target instead and you draw a card.

C. I'm not sure I connect this theme (I like the flavor text) with the effect, but red sure does hate card draw, so that works. I think the "intervening if clause" reduces the appeal of the card and makes it more complicated without any real benefit. Half of Cerebral Vortex isn't broken.

B. Instant-speed Arc Trail for one mana more seems entirely reasonable. Not original (but almost none of us were), but I like how it works with the name and the art.

A. I like it! Panic Attack could use an upgrade, and the name fits both the art, the damage and the "can't block" effect.

This was the only submission where every designer unanimously agreed on the coloration of the card. We can all be relieved to know that the real card, Homing Lightning, isn't any more innovative than our stuff, though it is certainly sexy. While the name suffers from the same too-modern/casual feel I detect in Totally Lost and Madcap Skills, the concept is pretty great.


  1. Stormcaller's Strike isn't half of a Cerebral Vortext because it deals twice as much damage and it can kill creatures. For example, it forms a much more dangerous combo with cards like Windfall or Whispering Madness. It could kill a player casting Sphinx's Revelation.

    In Limited, you could enable this card by drafting card draw and looting effects, with cards like Inspiration, Faithless Looting or Tin Street Market+Urban Burgeoning because if you set it off once it should wreck the opponents' board.

    1. So you're arguing Stormcaller's Strike does need the intervening if clause?

    2. I'm not sure. I put in the intervening clause because I thought it might be broken in some combo. But it might not be necessary.

      I guess I'm just arguing against removing the clause for the sake of making it more appealing; it doesn't need the appeal of obvious power if it still works as a sideboard card or challenges you to use it in a Johnny way.