Monday, January 28, 2013

Gatecrash Art Challenge 9 — Zoltan Boros (A)

Today we're covering the other of Zoltan Boros' two pieces of art.

In arbitrary order:

B. This art is almost perfect for a reprint of Attended Knight, but the 1/1 looks more like a knight than the 2/2.

A. Rewarding attacking outside the attack step? Supporting the guild's mechanic with an in-guild theme? I love it. This could alternately be a sorcery for 3 R/W.

B. This is a fun effect, letting two of your creatures work together in a fairly unique way. I think it nails the art and will be quite solid in a red and/or white deck. This eats way too many complexity points at common, and two is an awkward number for the guild with Battalion. I would remake this as an uncommon that targets up to three creatures.

A. 1 R/W R/W ~= RW. Jules' submission is the closest to an actual Gatecrash card, Wojek Halberdiers.

A. Chah's card is very red, very white and quite an attractive uncommon for the Boros player.

C. I respect how ANThroplasm went as literal as possible, picking out the two little armored dudes and the big guy with a long chain. 3/2 vigilance is a very particular choice. I prefer Lobster667's and P for Pizza's implementations below. Also, this card is Really Strong.

A. Simple, attractive and also a pretty direct representation of the fighters depicted.

A. While each mode is just Hill Giant or just Captain's Call, having both on a single card is a significant chunk of versatility. It's a touch weird that white can have a 3/3 for 4, but not unheard of. To the Streets doesn't need to be hybrid, but I think its use is justifiable. For some reason, this combination just tickles me.

The real card is part of the five-card cycle of creatures with a guild-buddy activation cost. The base card is perfectly red, and the white add-on is both white and very relevant. Towering Thunderfist isn't as exciting as Back Up or Wojek Battalion, but it is a solid Limited roleplayer for midrange Boros or Gruul players. Pretty clear Chah's submission is the most similar.


  1. I love To the Streets. It's great hybrid design, justifiable from a colorpie perspective, and fits really well in Boros's gameplan for the set.

  2. Back Up is a really intriguing card!