Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gatecrash Art Challenge 6 — David Palumbo

Today we're covering David Palumbo's art work.

In arbitrary order:

A. A perfect hybrid common, that nails the art's flavor.

B. Dimir gets a Deathrite Shaman. Cute. Somehow even stronger, but cute.

B. Loots Once. Worse than Elvish Visionary, but about right for a blue common.

B. Seems reasonable, right?

B. Right.
("Lost in the Crowd" isn't an appropriate name for a creature, but it's nearly identical to the actual card, Totally Lost.)

B. Right! P for Pizza's is slightly stronger than mine, and Chah's slightly stronger than that, but we're all seeing the same card. Impressive consensus.

A. ANThroplasm was also thinking conditional unblockability, but went for something more novel. I love how this preys on the Boros battalion strategy.

B. Why not just make it totally unblockable? I like how this is a Johnny card: Near-useless until you enchant or equip it… Or pair with battalion in your WB deck!

B. And the Spike variation of the same. Sure does enable Cipher two ways to Sunday. I like each half but both on the same card feels heavy-handed, at least for a common.

C. This is a very un-blue effect. On the other hand, the name is pretty darned close to Totally Lost.

Speaking of which, I give the real card a B. 'Totally' is just too modern/flippant for me and the effect really doesn't totally fit the art. (See what I did there?)


  1. I greatly enjoyed this one because I'm a big fan of the card Totally Lost.

  2. Poor lil' guy! I hope he finds his way home.