Monday, January 21, 2013

Gatecrash Art Challenge 3 — Chase Stone

Today we're covering Chase Stone's art work.

In completely arbitrary order:

B. At a cost of 3 & 5, this doesn't look terribly appealing, but I suspect this would be an amazing card in a Limited stalemate. Your 2/2 trades with two of their 4/4s, or gets in for four. This seems like one of those cards that will go up in (draft-pick) value and then down again as people go from dismissing it, to seeing it crush in one situation, to seeing it falter in others. The game needs some cards that are hard to evaluate.

A. I love Chah's submission. It's scarier to block than Ashmouth Hound, but also much less important to block. Cards like these are great targets for equipment and auras because those will make it a serious threat, and yet your opponent still doesn't want to Murder it because they know you have better creatures to come. It's also perfectly Boros, mechanically and thematically.

B. Borosian Grenadier is vastly over-powered as proposed, but I love the core idea and am sure an exciting, balanced card can come from this idea. I'd suggest either:
Whenever ~ attacks, it deals 1 damage to each of two target creatures and/or players.
~ ETB with 2 grenade counters on it. Whenever it attacks, you may remove one or both. For each grenade counter removed this way, ~ deals 2 damage to target creature the defending player controls.

B. Headlong Charge can give your creature haste, or force an enemy utility creature to attack into your army. That the two abilities feel so thematically similar is what really brings this together nicely. That said, both abilities tend to be fairly marginal and I'm pretty sure this could cost just R.

A. P for Pizza has found a lovely combination of effects that gives the classic red Threaten effect a very white twist. Solid.

B. Pretty sure Miguel meant for the new creature to ETB tapped and attacking, otherwise it's only useful if you somehow earn a second attack step or sacrifice it or something. As written, this card could be common. I would personally keep it rare, give it haste, and remove the exile clause.

A. This might just be a B, but I've been leaning toward critical on my submissions to try to counter my bias and this is the first design I'd really defend. It's simple, but fairly exciting; supports the guild's mechanic and fits the art.

B. Sunhome Torchman is less exciting than the Firecharger, but still seems very printable. In retrospect, I should've given it haste.


  1. Injected Enthusiasm looks like a smash-hit home run. I hope they print a card like that some day.

    1. Agreed, Wizards came close with Flash Conscription from the original Ravnica, but Instant speed made its CMC prohibitive.

  2. Mine was Boros Grenadier, 4/1 vanilla at WR.