Saturday, January 12, 2013

CCDD 011213—Thabe Ruins

Cool Card Design of the Day
1/12/2013 - The great thing about ruins is that they hint not only at ancient civilization with lost power or wisdom, but an unknown catastrophe that could wipe them out. You want to learn what secrets the civilization took with them to the grave, but you also need to learn what could have destroyed them so you can avoid it yourself.

This design is interesting enough, but also dangerous enough that it's chances of surviving Development are slim. I'd be curious to see what other top-down designs you all might have made from the same art. Bonus points if the end result feels Egyptian... No reason.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I like the flavour a lot, I love the idea of uncovering an ancient monument. Although maybe the digging mechanic is a bit complicated (it would work if it was a set mechanic).

    Maybe it would be better as an artifact? I agree any >1 mana land is risky. But is it worth than the kicker chalice? This needs an average of 8-12 mana invested before you can get 3 mana out, but you need to spread that over multiple turns. The chalice only needs six, and is a lot more flexible, but it needs to be all up front.