Wednesday, April 22, 2020

CCDD 042220 - Mutate and Defender

Jeremy's Cool Bird post had me thinking about other interesting designs that Morph opens up. I of course came up with the Jennyest of Jenny designs.

I think I pushed the stats a little too hard for the rate, but the gist is, why not an Animate Wall morph creature?

Of course, this made me think immediately that if there are any Human Walls out there, they won't be eligible to benefit from this, so I had to make a human wall.

But I Digress.

Now that I made a super Jenny wall activator, it turns out there are very few cards printed in the last 15 years that are interesting with defender that don't have a built-in way to lose defender until end of turn. How can there not be a Defender creature that is as impressive to me today as Wall of Stone and Illusionary Wall were 25 years ago? So:

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