Wednesday, April 1, 2020

CCDD 040120 - Gatling Blast

For a bottom-up design, this card went through a crazy number of templating iterations. I knew what I wanted it to do, but not how to do that in a clean and intuitive way. Finally I realized that I could get the text box down to four lines by reusing an existing set mechanic.

This is supposed to play like a cross between Fireball effects and Diabolic Edict effects. With enough mana it can wipe almost any board, but with only a few replications and some high-toughness creatures to soak it up it might do nothing. It's instant-speed mostly because I liked the crunchy complexity of casting it during combat-- but that might be a step too far for an already decision-intensive card.


  1. I concur with your analysis about the instant speed.
    I would also have some issues with the initital casting cost. I would prefer it to be 2R, but that is a playtest card if I have seen one. NWO would dislike it probably, so that might be one of the wordiest cards in the set.

  2. I would make this a rare solely on the basis that it's going to result in many judge calls regarding whether or not it works the way it actually works. Very cool design!

    1. Oh right, I forgot how much this relies on state based actions getting checked before each instance of "chooses a creature". Rare is a good call.

  3. Yeah, fiddly to get people to actually understand how it works, but I really like the flavour here.