Wednesday, April 29, 2020

CCDD 042920 - Breakneck Pace

Red's gotten a lot better at card draw in recent years. We routinely see Rummaging Goblin and Act on Impulse effects even at lower rarities. The theme for both those effects is that they're "short-sighted"; red isn't necessarily gaining any permanent advantage out of them. That's not just a matter of flavor; it opens the way for some exciting designs that wouldn't be safe to print in blue.

Here's what you get when you combine rummaging and impulsing into an "engine card". It's notable for being much harder to break than a blue looting analogue would be-- impulsing doesn't refuel your hand, and activating this multiple times in a turn gets riskier each time. It still has the potential to be good-- free card filtering is a valuable effect-- but it disproportionately rewards "fair" decks, which I like.


  1. I would be concerned that a card drawing engine that let's you do this multiple times a turn could let combo decks find their pieces too easily. Would making it an artifact that taps or a once a turn limit hinder this card too much.

  2. This is so red that it hurts. There's that sweet, sweet feeling of sacrificing any possible future for an overwhelming taste of the now -- that Ball Lightning, Greater Gargadon, Final Fortune vibe.

    Maybe it's broken, maybe it's not; either way, it's the truth and I love it.

    I almost want it to be a Sorcery, basically one-sided Winds of Change with impulsive draw, just because then there's truly no going back -- you're all in.

    I wonder if you could even print one-sided impulsive Wheel of Fortune at the right cost.

  3. Oh yeah, I love how that's so red. Although my first thought was, "that would be really good splash in a blue deck" :)