Thursday, April 2, 2020

CCDD 040220 - Glade Elemental

Evasion is a bummer. I mean, yes, it's a crucial and valuable part of Magic gameplay, from flying to menace to straight-up "can't be blocked". But evasion abilities are fundamentally an invitation not to interact, and decks can abuse those abilities to the point where interacting through combat just isn't a viable strategy. Is there a way to make cards that would punish those decks?

It's kind of bizarre, but this is the answer I came up with. The intent is to neuter evasive attacks until the opponent interacts by attacking with a non-evasive creature (which Glade Elemental is forced to block). Whether Glade Elemental actually accomplishes that effectively-- as opposed to, say, enabling broken shenanigans with Bedlam--is a toss-up for me. A better general answer to the design problem is to print aggressive attackers that can out-race evasive creatures in a vacuum but are easier to block profitably.

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