Tuesday, April 14, 2020

CCDD 041420 - Shimmering Battlement

Magic has lots of lands that tap only for colorless and then activate with a specific color or combination of colors, like Academy Ruins or Blighted Woodland and their respective cycles. But the activated non-mana ability has to be pretty good to make a nonbasic Wastes playable. One way to narrow that gap: start from a land that's slightly better, like Shimmering Grotto.

Naturally there's a complexity cost here-- three abilities and less clarity about how they're supposed to interact. And this might not support more than one cycle of five designs (plus Cave of Temptation, which kind of scooped me here-- I have to admit I forgot it existed). But fresh land design space is hard to find, and after the "shimmering lands" one could move onto the "rupture lands" and maybe even the "terramorphic lands"...

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