Wednesday, April 15, 2020

CCDD 04152020 - Cool Bird

One of the reasons for Magic's longevity is its ability to change the value of a card by altering its context. This simple design finds new meaning in Ikoria's environment.

In a normal set, this is an unimpactful D-level pick that might trick some new players into thinking it's good because it has a lot of abilities. But in a set with mutate (or Guilds of Ravnica's Mentor), it becomes a genuinely good card. This is something I hope sees an increase in the future – core sets to set the baseline of what cards are good or not, and then Standard expansion sets changing up evaluations in interesting ways.


  1. I love it! Also a good match for Ikoria's keywords-matter theme (which I imagine was designed to play well with mutate).

    Needs protection from Demons and Dragons, though.