Tuesday, March 31, 2020

CCDD 033120 - Seize Them!


This is a top-down version of...well, you get it. The original version was an Oblivion Ring with flash that got a discount if it targeted a creature that dealt damage to you, but I didn't even know if it worked under the rules. The new version is a fun way of playing with exert that Amonkhet block wasn't able to do.


  1. Yeah, O-ring targeting is tough. You could do--

    When ~ enters the battlefield, exile target creature until ~ leaves the battlefield. If that creature didn't deal damage to you this turn, sacrifice ~ unless you pay 2.

    1. oh wait, kicker is better!

      When ~ enters the battlefield, choose target creature that dealt damage to you this turn. Exile that creature until ~ leaves the battlefield. If ~ was kicked, choose any target creature instead.

    2. Anyway, I like the design you have. Very good use of white color pie.

  2. I guess it could even be 2W and still be ok? A neat design.