Wednesday, March 25, 2020

CCDD 032520 - Advance Guard

A recent brainstorming project of mine: figure out what kinds of abilities would be interesting on Savannah Lions (2/1s for W, like Venerable Knight). One idea that occurred to me was a strategic one: these kinds of creatures usually feature in "weenie" decks that want to cast and attack with multiple creatures early on, getting value out of Glorious Anthem effects and the like. Maybe there could be an ability that pushes players in the other direction?

I suspect this design doesn't achieve the original goal. It would still be more at home in a weenie strategy than in any other, simply because most other Constructed decks wouldn't want even a 2/3 for 1. So instead of deck-building decisions the ability creates gameplay decisions, like whether or not the extra 2 toughness is worth holding back other creatures for.

Does this effect belong in white's color pie? If not, where does it belong?

1 comment:

  1. It does seem to be white to me. Buffing toughness is a very white thing to do. However I would flavor it as "holder of the line", holding until other units arive. That however leads me to more costly designs, far from your initital considerations.