Tuesday, March 3, 2020

CCDD 030320 - Great Wall

This design was inspired by Star Realms, which has a category of "Base" cards (think "planeswalkers without loyalty abilities") that have to be destroyed before you can be attacked. It's as if a planeswalker had the static ability "creatures can't attack you." But because of how combat works in Star Realms it's actually more than that-- damage to a base heals at end of turn. The easiest way to implement that in Magic was to make it a creature, even though it often acts more like an enchantment (Moat) or a planeswalker (Gideon Jura).

The Relentless Raptor ability isn't new, but combining it directly with "block any number" is. This only dies once the opponent has 10 power worth of non-evasive attackers. That might be a little too much now that I think about it. What do you think is the right number for the toughness here?


  1. Why not make it cost WX with toughness equal to X+2?

  2. Love it.
    Gut feelings, not a lot of thinking: these are costs where it would be interesting.

    W 0/3
    1W 0/4
    2W 0/5
    1WW / 3W 0/6
    2WW / 4W 0/7, potentially adding attack to it?

    Also adding a color could help adding attack.