Saturday, March 14, 2020

CCDD 031420 - Fearless Challenger

As seen on cards like Tromokratis and Loyal Pegasus, blocking restrictions are a surprisingly powerful part of Magic's templating toolbox. You can use them to express almost any condition about the allocation of blockers (which has an exponential number of possibilities) or about the game state more generally. Historically Magic design hasn't gone very deep into this territory. Here's an example of a simple-ish, interesting application.

What other conditions on blocking would make for interesting gameplay without introducing too much board complexity?

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  1. That is a fine simple effect. I am surprised we have yet to see it.

    Other options for canot be blocked except by:

    *power < cards in your hand (or in their hand)
    *uneven p/t
    *power < # of instants & sorceries in your graveyard
    *total toughness of blockers > than power of creature