Monday, March 30, 2020

CCDD 033020 - Eager Brute

I was a big fan of the Monarch mechanic (as seen on Palace Sentinels) when it showed up in the second Conspiracy set. Being able to assign statuses to players opens up a cool new region of design space. Finding effects that fit nicely there was harder than it seemed, though. Here's an example of one that I'm reasonably happy with.

Unlike the monarch, the initiative is a status that multiple players can independently have or lose. Communicating that is hard, though, because players' intuitions go the opposite way: "the initiative" is usually something that at most one player would have, and the example of monarch points that way too. Maybe a phrasing like "you get/have/lose momentum" would be better?


  1. A nice common to show off the ability. I can see it being a rakdos keyword or mardu.

  2. I think that inititative would require to be brought in existance like monarch, which is nice, and then it should not be able to go away from the game, again like monarch.

    The neat thing about monarch, is that by being a permanent effect, it speeds up the game and promotes interaction and politics.

    Inititative seems here to be an A/B mechanic, and not bring enough to the table by itself. Tracking inititative seems non-interactive, the opponent cannot take it away from you.

    I would love to see it iterated upon though.