Tuesday, March 24, 2020

CCDD 032420 - Virus

This started out as mostly a joke card, but trying to capture the logic of "flatten the curve" / "social distancing" in a reasonable text box turned out to be an interesting challenge.

It's not a perfect fit by any means, but it ought to create interesting gameplay decisions that shed light on real-life ones.


  1. It lacks the option to quarantine enough and remove the virus. A variation on this:

    {Virus Token:

    At the of the turn, if you control more tapped than untapped permanents, create a virus enchantment token.
    Tap 2 non enchantment permanents you control: sacrifice this enchantment, if you control 10 virus tokens you loose the game.}

    Then you make a card that gives X (where X is playtested optimal value) cards to the opponent.

    I have been thinking about a tweeter challenge like Jay Zeffren does, but cannot find enough images for all the cards I wanted to ask for.

    Here is the list of cards I was going to be asking for:

    (infection is not infect. Could be subsituted for contagion, sickness or another word)

    Black sorcery that causes infection
    Black enchantment that causes infection
    Green creature that interacts with infection
    Red card that has a bonus on infected creatures
    White card that cures infection
    Blue card that confines

    I have art only for two of those, for now...

  2. Might be fun if it made creatures that deal you damage and have a sacrifice effect.

  3. I like the exponential growth of it though it doesn't really convey the flavor of the virus spreading. What about this:

    At the beginning of enchanted player's upkeep, that player distributes X virus counters among different permanents they control where X is 1 plus the number of permanents they control with infection counters. Then that player loses X life unless they tap X untapped permanents.

    1. Yeah, I was trying to make that work at first but couldn't come up with a way to do it concisely. I like your approach. The only challenge is that "different permanents" isn't well-defined in Magic templating. One could say:

      Enchanted player chooses X plus 1 permanents they control with no virus counters on them and puts a virus counter on each of them

      and so on.