Thursday, March 12, 2020

CCDD 031220 - As Nature Intended

Nothing too fancy here, just an interesting way to interact with artifacts and enchantments. The tech is pretty common (Sudden Disappearance is the closest analogue, and there are several other mass-flicker effects for creatures only) but using it reactively against opponents' strategies seems novel.

Should this say "your opponents control"? That makes the purpose of the design clearer and gives it a much-needed power boost, but it detracts from the flavor / resonance.


  1. This might be too good for reusing draw and damage enchantments or astrolabe, at least it is until end of turn.

  2. I agree with doug. I would see it as a
    a WUG card with option choose either or both.

  3. Yeah, this probably is much better at getting value by flickering one's own permanents than opponents'. What about the version that just affects opponents?