Monday, March 9, 2020

CCDD 030920 - Stare Down

Here's a conditional counterspell that's kind of the opposite of Mana Leak and company: potentially oppressive in the late game but much less reliable early on.

I don't consider this an unconditional counter, because the discard option makes the effect strictly worse than Counterspell. That's why it can cost 2 mana and only one blue. But it's unconditional if you have more cards in hand and care enough about the target not resolving. Also, you trade cards one-for-one whether or not the target resolves, which seems pretty strong (except in multiplayer).

Anyone recognize the game and card that inspired this?


  1. I love the card text. Nice wording, too.
    Is this Red, though?

    1. I assumed it could be red b/c "discard a card" as a cost is red, plus things like Chain Lightning. But I hadn't really thought about it. You and Doug make good points that it might belong in some other color identity.

    2. If it was discard to copy the spell it can be blue red.

    3. Is chain lightning still NWO?
      It feels more like a UB c1rd with a discard a card multikicker to make the opponent discard a card for each card diqcarded.

    4. I think copying spells is still blue red. Chain lightning is not super intuitive for NWO.

  2. I believe this is blue black or even blue white for balance.