Wednesday, March 4, 2020

CCDD 030420 - Painful Psychosis

There are only so many effects that scale naturally with "pay X life", like Toxic Deluge and Fire Covenant. I think I found one that Magic hasn't done yet.

At least it's more balanced than Channel or Necropotence. Right?


  1. Way too good in dredge and breach

    1. If it was "target opponent" it would be fine but would it be too niche?

    2. Oops, I hadn't even thought about targeting yourself. "Target opponent" is what I was going for.

    3. The baseline I was thinking is milling 10 for 10 life, which isn't great but also not terrible. Could be fun in a lifegain deck also.

  2. I would probably see it as a UB card. Either:
    UBX while casting cardname, spend any ammount of life. Each point of life spent this way pays {1} of Cardname's mana cost. Target opponent mills X cards

    Or UB and pay X life. Opponent mills X+2 cards.