Tuesday, March 17, 2020

CCDD 031720 - Ghost Soldier

I was thinking about another design problem when this weird combination of abilities suddenly occurred to me. In hindsight it reminds me of Debt of Loyalty, but I'm pretty sure that wasn't what I had in mind.

I still can't tell whether that text box actually does anything interesting. Or whether a 2/2 is at all the right body to put it on.


  1. What was the other problem?
    Also this gives a very negative feeling. Players tend to hate other players controling their creatures. It being a 2/2 is probably the right size (although it could be a 2/1 or a 2/2000 and it would still be the same except in doran rolling stones pants decks). I would argue that in many cases this is worse than a vanilla 2/2. What is it supposed to be solving?

    1. Yeah, I would tack on some evasion or an activated protection ability would make it interesting.

    2. It would definitely not be common then. Might push it to date, maybe could work as uncommon, even something like deathtouch or a power pump ability could be interesting, but deathtouch would add a color.