Monday, March 16, 2020

CCDD 031620 - You're Nothing Without It

A while back I was brainstorming ideas for making artifact / enchantment removal more appealing. Naturalize is a good card when it has relevant targets, but it often doesn't, so it tends to want either alternate modes (e.g. Return to Nature) or some kind of upside. Here's one flavorful way I found of adding upside.

I'm not happy that this incidentally punishes Auras, which have enough trouble on their own. But it's a nice way to keep Equipment in check without specifically mentioning it. It's also a convenient application for "prevent combat damage", which is another effect that tends to suffer from not being consistently worth a card.


  1. Your unhappyness is warranted. I could only see this printed in an equipment heavy format. Removing a {1} from the cost and removing the enchantment part could also be a way to make this card a good sideboard option. Embercleave blowout.

  2. I wonder if a fog/naturalize split card or choose one effect could work.

    1. That would be great! It could basically be the same as Return to Nature, just replacing the third ability with Fog.

      Fog does have slightly more balance concerns (don't want too many in a format because of Constructed) but I can't imagine that's a huge issue.

    2. Especially if it a single target fog.

    3. If we make it green white it could be single target fog with lifegain.