Wednesday, March 11, 2020

CCDD 031120 - Eidren, Unblemished

Most of the actual Magic I play these days is casual Commander, and designing cool Commanders is a special hobby of mine. Our playgroup has a running joke about how boringly powerful one player's Golgari decks are, so I thought I'd look for some fresh build-around design space in black-green.

I tried to design this so it would require a critical mass of graveyard-removal effects and not become an overpowered engine with just a little bit of graveyard removal. Looking at it again I'm not sure how well I succeeded. The first ability might need to specify "nontoken". (At least making discard / sacrifice part of the activation cost closed the "put a bunch of instances on the stack at once" loophole.) It's tough trying to figure out whether or not designs like this would pan out into fun, balanced decks.


  1. Might get abused with relic effects but in a Singleton format might be ok.

  2. It is interesting. I would make him able to remove the graveyard himself with an attack trigger. To gain space, I would change it to this:

    When ~ deals comnat damage remove that many cards from each player's graveyard.

    1 sac a creature, draw a card
    1 discard a card, create a 3/3
    ~ 's abilities can only be activated if your graveyard is empty.