Thursday, December 11, 2014

CCDD 121114—Gold Dragons

Cool Card Design of the Day
12/11/2014 - I happened upon a Question Mark or similar about how we see red's iconic creature in every color, which is obviously an odd thing to do with a color's iconic and something we see almost none of with the other color's iconics. The answer, of course, is that dragons are everyone's favorite creature type in Fantasy and pretty much everywhere else.

To that end, I propose a cycle of dragons for each color that are also red, so that each color can have their dragon-y fun without robbing red of its iconic creature.

This cycle could have another template, but even with this template, there's still room to switch out keywords and even more room to change up the triggered abilities. I'd love to see some of your variations. Also, yeah, these probably are too strong, even for gold rares. I round up for dragons.

These could have just been straight-up gold dragons flavor-wise, but I like the story that they're red dragons being influenced by riders of other colors. The practice with mounted creatures is to refer to the rider in the name and type line, but I really wanted these to be 'Dragons' so I shifted the name to refer to a dragon influenced by a rider. Legal? Sure. Kosher? Nobody tell Doug Beyer.


  1. Conditional-Lure tells a good story, but seems like it would play better on a non-flier where you get more upside and options. It also as written can play as "Flying, trample, unblockable", which is an odd mix for RG. To bring the power level closer in line, could we give it Haste and/or a P/T bonus on attacking?

    Flying, trample
    When CARDNAME attacks, put X +1/+1 counters on it, where X is equal to its current power.

    Flying, haste
    Creatures with power less than CARDNAME's power can't block it.

    1. The unblockable option is out-of-place. Maybe "choose one or more untapped creature the defender controls."

      I could definitely see adding a +1/+1 counter or two each swing. Was going to say doubling seems too good, but they are all too good.

      Haste is tertiary in green, so I'm not sure it feels like green is lending that portion. Could be that trying to tie in a keyword is too restrictive.

  2. The white, blue, and black ones all feel like they could be monocolored examples of those colors' respective iconics.

    1. Idea: 4RC 4/4 hasty fliers with a WUBG saboteur effect? The dragon gets you there, then the off-red rider grants the bonus.

  3. The concept reminds me of the cycle of Sigarda / Bruna / Gisela. (Which I'm sure must have been a cycle that bugged W/B players - every other colour got a W/x angel, but black didn't (this time).) So I'm sure there is room for a cycle like this. The details can be changed around quite widely.

  4. Bit concerned about the power level here. Mystic Snake is a really good card, but Seer's Dragon is a vastly vastly better body for only 1 more mana. Wraith's Dragon provides massive card advantage, and the other two are very good beatsticks.