Thursday, March 11, 2021

CCDD 031021 - I Dare You

At best, a much better Cancel. At worst, a much worse Distress. It all depends on how the mind game plays out.

This is the latest, and I think the most promising, iteration of my fool's quest to make a balanced sorcery-speed counterspell. See also: Nevermore?


  1. Oh, interesting. You have to choose in advance. But if you're lucky, they avoid playing one card until it's too late AND you get to counter another AND draw two cards.

    How did simpler "X cost enchantment, then Y,sac" go? With or without the ability to look at opponent's hand? I can't decide how much it's better than Cancel because you can pay part or all of the cost up front instead of holding the mana open, or worse than cancel because you have to commit in advance.

  2. I really cannot evaluate how good or bad this card is. I think that showing your hand is a very very feel bad thing, that has to have an extra cost attached to it. As it is I think the card would work even without the draw two clause.