Thursday, June 4, 2015

CCDD 060315—Claim Pet

Cool Card Design of the Day
6/3/2015 - A Mind Control variant (where 'worth' stands in for CMC.)


  1. "Worth" is a little confusing. I would make it Power. For the rest, a very cool conditional Mind control Wizards wants to do lately

  2. Would definitely not put this at uncommon. Cool idea, though I'm very turned off by the "worth" wording.

  3. "A creature that costs more than" seems safer to me, while still less clunky than the current "a creature with higher converted mana cost than".

  4. I would try "mana worth", and use it syntactically right where you would use CMC.

    "At end of turn, if you don't control a creature with mana worth greater than enchanted creature's, sacrifice CARDNAME."

    Not sure how I feel about the negative trigger (when you don't control/if you don't control), but it's a cool card idea.

  5. I liked "worth" quite a bit the first time I saw it on this site. I'd suggest (at least for the first year or so) the following reminder text:

    "Each card's worth is equal to it's converted mana cost."

    Or some such...