Wednesday, August 20, 2014

CCDD 082014—Fanned Grek

Cool Card Design of the Day
8/20/2014 - Red shouldn't mind sharing its 'inferior' looting ability with other players, partly because other players will have a little less to gain from it on average. I wanted an ETB creature that did that.

I'm not unproud of the flavor text explaining how this ability represents this creature.

My default french vanilla creature in red is Goblin Piker, but somehow this ability felt too good there. I put it on a Gray Ogre and that felt too weak. It's ironic then that it ended up on a Riot Devils. Honestly all three possibilities are entirely printable, depending on the set and red's power level otherwise.


  1. I'm a fan of putting very low-powered, hard-to-evaluate abilities on good bodies, just to avoid giving players headaches. If you put this effect on a 3/2 for 2R, then players will know that the card is good enough to run without having to stress over exactly where the ability falls on the neutral-to-slightly-good scale.

    Even if it ends up being a common with uncommon-level power, that shouldn't be much of an issue to the health of a set. At least as long as we stay out of the realm of repeatable effects (I'm looking at you, Sparksmith and Pestilence).

  2. MaRo has said he's not comfortable with red forcing looting (though it seems to do Wheel of Fortune just fine). If that's a concern this could give each player the option, at which point it get group-huggier.