Saturday, September 22, 2018

CCDD 092218—Hale Hydra

Cool Card Design of the Day
Hale Hydra is meant to be compelling to Tammy and new players without being over-complicated.

Everyone likes +1/+1 counters. Life gain is appealing to LSPs (and to everyone, in the right match-up). Vigilance means you get to attack with your monster and block with it too, which reduces tension in how to use it. All together, a package you shouldn't feel bad spending mana on.


  1. Nice! Ivy Elementals need a boost to be playable (as Endless One seeing no play proved, they’re at least 2 mana overcosted) and these improvements seem like good steps. A bit surprising that Stream of Livy Elemental hasn’t seen print yet!

  2. I feel the sweet spot is a 4 drop for this but that is the great thing about X spells, they fill the curve.