Saturday, June 18, 2011

Announcement: Design Contest!

Welcome to the 2nd card design contest hosted by Goblin Artisans!

Design Criteria:
Select three card pairs from the following five card pairs. Create a mash-up card based on each of the card pairs you selected. To see examples of how card mash-ups work, see here, here, here, and here.

Pair 1: Dromar's Charm and Mortal Wound

Pair 2: Antler Skulkin and Merrow Grimeblotter

Pair 3: Pestermite and Tivadar of Thorn

Pair 4: Shrouded Serpent and Soldevi Sage

Pair 5: Lightning Blast and Gift of the Woods

Remember, you only need to extract one aspect or element from each card. You can optionally explain how your card design reflects the criteria card.

Make sure to specify rarity on the cards too!

2 Packs of New Phyrexia (Japanese) for the first prize winner.
1 Pack of New Phyrexia (Japanese) for the second prize winner.

The deadline is 23:59 of Sat, June 25, 2011.

How to Submit Your Designs:
To send us your design:

Method 1:
Friend us, Goblin Artisans, on Facebook, and submit your card designs via PM.

Method 2:
Send a PM with your card designs to my account (Chah) on the Wot Community Forums or on the Star City Games Forums.

Cards will be scored by multiple judges, based on the following points:

Fun (10 pts.): Is the card fun to play? It doesn't need to satisfy everyone at once, if it appeals strongly to at least one category of player.

Aesthetics (10 pts.): Do the effects on the card feel like an organic whole? Do the numbers on the card feel right? Is it flavorful and resonant? Do the effects tell a story?

Mechanics (10 pts.): The rules text of the card. Does the card work? Do they fit the color pie and rarity? Does each line of text on the card carry its own weight? Being extremely innovative, or being extremely clean and simple, will lead to high a score here.

Bonus Points (5 pts.): This is a category so that judges can dish out points for overall appeal, as well as reward card designs with some special uncategorized strengths.

The contestant with the highest total wins!


  1. My submission's sent! I'm probably going to be second-guessing myself and wishing I had taken more time but I'm happy with what I put out.

  2. Should card be Card form (MSE) or in text form?

  3. Only text is necessary. But make a render if you think it'll better help convey your design.

  4. Cool idea. These is great. Your blog is awesome. Glad I found it. Thanks for sharing.