Wednesday, June 22, 2011

CCDD 062211—Tranquil Theurgist

Cool Card Design of the Day
6/22/2011 - At first blush, you might think of white as the purist color, but it's not. White loves stuff, both enchantments and artifacts, especially auras and equipment. White is more than happy to suit up before battle and ask for some protective blessings before a dangerous quest. Red and green, I'd argue, are the purist colors. They're each the most likely to break an artifact just for being an artifact and while they can use equipment and auras just as much as any other color, they're the colors who will consider that 'cheating' as compared with coming to the fight as you are.

Tranquil Theurgist is the man to enforce this philosophy.

You will fight as you are. Not as some meddling Wizard or Artificer would have you.


  1. Very interesting. A card like that would solve problems in the pre-ban metagame, and would definitely make Valakut players happy!

  2. Green ought to be the most "purist" color, but for some reason it also has a love of Auras.

  3. And Red sure does love its equipment.

    I suspect it's likely that they've never printed this card because it sits awkwardly within the color-wheel and is a bit too hateful towards a card-type (auras) that already don't see much play.

  4. It's a good answer to Equipment!

    While Auras are weak and don't need to be hated at the moment, the Eldrazi Conscription deck was annoying... and it could fight Mind Controls too.

    I agree that when it comes to fighting opponent's attachments, Green should be one of the best.

    But Green also likes to grow, and Auras are like Giant Growths that stick around. It's a different story when you cast it on your own guy.

  5. I get why making your stuff bigger makes sense in green, but there's something to be said about green's desire to be satisfied with what you are and what you have. That's what makes magic that changes your creatures kind of inconsistent within the color's philosophy. I'd kind of like it if green were able to simply rely on the sheer natural size and resilience of its creatures and leave Auras and some combat tricks aside.

    In contrast, I'd love to see Blue get more aura love. Blue is totally all about altering and improving things.

  6. The basic idea makes sense, but the execution is weird. I get that you want to both kill aura and equipments AND prevent them from being useful later on, but I think you need to pick one or the other. It also seems like this wants to reference Pure // Simple, but it's got the wrong side of the card.

    So if I were going to make this card, I'd tweak it around to either...

    Simplifier Shaman
    creature - centaur shaman
    Permanents can't be attached.


    Another Simplifier Shaman
    creature - centaur shaman
    When CARDNAME enters the battlefield, destroy all auras and equipment.

    I would freakin' love to have a critter like this in Standard right now! ...I would also love to have an "edit comment" option...

  7. Agreed on the "edit comment" option. Sometimes it seems like Chah has that, but I'm more Admin than him! *huff*