Monday, June 27, 2011

CCDD 062711—Cruel Gamble

Cool Card Design of the Day
6/27/2011 - Sigh. I accidentally over-wrote this post while creating a new one. You get the card and the comments but not my crappy little intro. How will we survive?


  1. My spider sense is telling me that this should be green, even though it obviously goes in each colour.

  2. Back in Alara block, I would have been ok if this had been Dragon Appeasement and costed at BRG:

    Dragon Appeasement
    Until end of turn, whenever a creature dies, draw a card.

    Certainly more functional than Fresh Meat.

  3. This doesn't really feel black to me either. Black doesn't gamble if it can help it, and it generally cares less about damage than just death in general. I think you could make a case for Red, Green or White, easily enough.

    Personally, I think that:
    "Draw a card for each creature that died this turn"
    is a lot cleaner, while usually accomplishing the same thing. Especially if it was a sorcery. It'd have to cost more, but honestly that's fine when you're talking about a card that might draw 3+ cards.
    "Until end of turn, whenever a creature dies, draw a card" would work too, although it's harder to remember then just drawing all the cards at once. Also, easier to combo off of.