Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CCDD 061511—Nombler

Cool Card Design of the Day
6/15/2011 - Next up in my monster cycle is a green monster with a new spin on lure/provoke. Again, nothing too exciting here, but it's no slouch either.

The last line should read more lile, "Creatures defending player controls with that converted mana cost must block it this turn if able." Maybe to make it splashier we can even add "At the end of the turn, destroy each of those creatures that didn't block it." Except that makes it free removal against already-tapped guys, so then we have to add the "untap those creatures" bit and now I'm not sure it's worth it. What do you think?


  1. It depends on how you justify it flavor-wise. Define your flavor concept, then find the mechanical execution that fits it best and still looks good on the card.

  2. Basically I see this thing as using it's lure-ish antenna thing to draw creatures to it, but it has a devilish intelligence so it is more selective than Lure and less limited than Provoke. Maybe the lure causes the recipient to visualize something tantalizing and can only work on one brain-wave / level-of-consciousness at a time.

  3. Lures in green typically force things to block, but can they force attacks as well? That currently is in the domain of red and blue (formerly black as well) but luring something into charging towards the waiting maw of a hungry monster on your side of the board feels flavor-appropriate. Besides, I thought folks here didn't like green cards that prevent blocking (which is what Lure effects do, with regard to all your other attacking creatures). :P

  4. I think causing things to attack is perfectly reasonable in green, even if it has little/no precedence.

    I don't subscribe to the green-can't-prevent-blocking idea and even if I did, Lure is such a sideways version of that, I wouldn't count it.

  5. While I do subscribe to the idea that green shouldn't prevent blocking, I also don't think Lure is a problem.

    I think the key is that the creature with that ability is putting itself out into the red zone, where it can be dealt combat damage by opponent's creatures.

    That's what makes the "this can assign its combat damage to opponents as if it wasn't blocked" ability green. Another example is giving everything +3/+3 and trample. That ability is definitely green, but a similar effect of giving everything +1/+1 and flying isn't green, even if it leads to the same result.

  6. Nombler 2GGGG
    Creature- Horror
    Creatures your opponents control must attack each turn if able.
    Whenever a creature attacks you, it is blocked by Nombler. (Even if Nombler is tapped.)
    /The deadliest way to an enemy's heart is through a Nombler's stomach./